Ⅰ Peter 3:12

For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.

Life is a series of tough decisions. Some decisions are small and insignificant, while some of them will completely change the course of your life. They come before you know it, and then you find yourself at a crossroads, without any idea which direction you should turn.

In those times we hold to the Scriptures like Proverbs 3:5-6 states, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Yet there are so many situations where you just are not sure if the decision you are making is the right one. You aren’t sure if this is the Lord’s path or not. You ponder within yourself, “Is this me, or am I doing what I want and not what God wants; how can I be sure it is God?”

This is a common occurrence in each of our lives. The greatest men of Scripture cried out to the Lord, “Answer me speedily and don’t hide your face from me.” Don’t feel discouraged if you are at a crossroads and don’t have an answer, merely look at this as an opportunity for God to make Himself more real to you. Remember also, consequences always follow decisions.

Because of this it is important to approach tough decisions in the right way. The Lord wants us to walk by faith, and He wants to show us His will. Many times it isn’t in the exact time we want it, but that is when we must wait on the Lord.

The key in every situation and decision is praying through. Not just praying 5 or 10 minutes and hoping God will miraculously show you His will, although He could, I mean really praying through. The Apostle Peter said that the Lord’s ears are open to those that pray to Him. When tough decisions come it requires praying in the Spirit, getting alone with God, and waiting on Him.

Praying through is staying before God about something, getting alone with Him, until you have assurance from Him that He has answered your plea. Your desperation in the matter invites the Holy Spirit to come on the scene. It is accepting that the Lord has a plan for you and will reward those who diligently seek Him, then waiting until He gives you the answer to your decision. He will give you assurance that it is Him. And it is your faith that will bring it to pass by the Holy Spirit. God is sovereign in all things and will deal with you in a very special and unique way, so go to Him and seek Him. 

Are you praying through?

65-0429e - "The Choosing Of A Bride"

50 I think, today, there’s so much cheating, just like in school. When—when the kids come by, of a morning, many of the kids in the neighborhood, that—that friends of mine, will come by and say, “Brother Branham, will you pray for us? We’re having a—a test today. I—I worked all night, and I don’t seem that I can—can get it settled. Pray for me.” I think that any school kid, if you would, if…And the parents at the table of a morning: you could say, “Mother, John has got a test today. Let’s pray for him now.” I think it would beat all that you could ever do in any other way, or looking over on somebody else’s paper and cheating. I think if you just come out and pray over the matter.

51 And if we would study what we’re doing when we’re going to get married, when we choose our wife, our husband, if we’d study it over! A man should pray earnestly, for he could ruin his entire life. Remember, the vow is “until death do we part,” and he could ruin his life by making the wrong choice. But if he knows what, he making the wrong choice and is marrying a woman that isn’t fit to be his wife, and he does it anyhow, then it’s his fault. If the woman takes a husband and knows that he’s not fit to be a husband to you, then that’s your own fault, after you know what’s right and wrong. So, you shouldn’t do it until you thoroughly pray through.

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