Psalm 119:105 

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Everyone is walking a path. Whether you feel like you know what path you are on or not, you are headed somewhere. Everyone is also walking in a world that is covered in “Gross darkness”, as the Prophet explained from Isaiah 60:2. Fortunately, the Lord has given us the Word as our lantern, to hold up and light our path.

The Lord wants us to walk by faith, and for a Believer, walking by faith is the only way to please the Lord. However, not knowing what lies ahead requires a certain amount of light to be able to walk.

The Lord directs the footsteps of His children (Psalms 37:23). If you are walking by faith, walking in the Word for your day, staying true to where the Lord has brought you by revelation in His Word, then you are on His path. The enemy’s goal is to get you to doubt you are on the right path or doubt where you are headed.

The thing about a lantern is that it never shows or illuminates everything around you; it only shows what is a few feet in front of you. The light of the Word is there for you to hold out in front of you, to light the path that you have to walk. But you will only be able to see and know the few steps ahead of you, so just keep walking by faith in what you know. Don’t worry about the unseen path ahead.

The Word of God is there to help you understand what is right in front of you. Hold it up high, and let it shine before you and guide you in all that He leads you to do. The Prophet of our day, Bro. Branham, was the sound that finished the mysteries of God to His Bride (Revelations 10:7). Stay in the Message of our day, and let the Holy Spirit open your eyes of understanding to the Word.

Just keep walking and hold the lamp out in front of you. You can know and trust, all eternity with Christ lays at the end of the path. Your circumstances might become clear right away or further down the road. You may not see the reason behind your circumstances until way down the path.

Just hold the lamp up and keep walking.

64-0719M - “The Feast Of The Trumpets”

I said, "The lantern won't show the light right on the house. Oh, no. But that path will lead to the house. But that lantern will only show light for one step at a time."
We'll walk in the Light, the beautiful Light; one step at a time, Lord, coming closer to Him. Yeah. Children of the Light, accept His Word, keep walking and watch more unfold. Don't leave It, no matter what somebody else says. Stay right in That and just keep walking with It, watch It unfold and reveal Itself. The Word is a Seed; a seed in the right kind of ground will bring forth its kind.

Read the Bible in 1 year:

2 Samuel 16-18