Ephesians 2:10 

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

Today, April 6th, would have been Bro. Branham’s birthday. Birthdays are a wonderful time...for the young. We can’t thank the Lord enough for the life of William Branham, and what the Lord used him to do. Yet there were times when Bro. Branham himself must have thought, “Oh my, Lord I wish I could do more for you”.

It seems the younger you are, the more you enjoy birthdays; but as you get older, you begin to look for a lever where you can hold back time. Such a lever doesn’t exist (I’ve looked into it). The years pass by so quickly, and for some, it can make you feel “If only I had done it differently”.

Sometimes, you can feel like you haven’t accomplished very much, or you wish you could change something that you have done. Even the prophets were not exempt from this feeling. However, we must realize that God has a purpose for each one of us, and we must not regret the past but look to what God is doing now.

You might be young and just entering into university, which means that there are many things you could do for the Lord right now. You might be in your middle age and wondering where the time has gone, yet perhaps you have children right before you that you can influence in positive ways. You might be a grandparent who feels they haven’t amounted to much, but you might have grandchildren all around you whose lives you can impact in Godly and positive ways.

There is always something you can do for God each day. Even if it is just to thank Him and give Him praise. Don’t linger in a past that you can’t change; rather ask the Lord, “What can I do for you right now, Lord?”

This is true whether you are 5 or 105. God ordained us for a certain purpose. Lets walk in His perfect will and not regret the past. I’m sure we all wish we could tell Bro. Branham in person, “Because of you, I saw the mystery of God revealed, Christ”. We will see him one day, just over on the other side.

What could you do for Christ today?

56-0408E - “The Time Is At Hand”

I was thinking today, yesterday being my birthday, and thinking of… Just seem like it hasn't been no time ago, I was just a boy. And here I am already forty-seven. How can it be? Passes so quick. Only thing I look back, I become a minister when I was about twenty years old. And now, I—I'm just sorry I didn't become a minister when I was five years old. That's the only regret that I have, that I—I just didn't preach the Word quicker. He knocked at my heart and I put it off. Oh, it just haunts me.

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