Joshua 2:12

Now therefore, I pray you, swear unto me by the Lord, since I have shewed you kindness, that ye will also shew kindness unto my father's house, and give me a true token.

Rahab the prostitute. What a horrible thing to be called. To have your whole reputation to be marred by such a sinful and repulsive title is something that many of us will never experience. Rahab was trapped in a life of perversion and, seemingly, there was no way out. If God could reach down and restore a lowly prostitute to be a part of the bloodline of Jesus, then what could He do for you?

There was one thing that she desired that set her apart from all the rest and that was the token. There were probably women on her street far more righteous and morally right than her, but God recognized her faith because she believed in a token. The Lord looks at our situations with a top down perspective. He knew that many years later Jesus would come from her bloodline. He had designed her specifically for a purpose and had His hand on her life from start to finish. Because of her faith and belief in the Lord her entire household was saved.

Perhaps you might be in a similar situation to Rahab. You might feel like you or your family are in the clutches of the enemy’s grasp so tightly that nothing could get you or them out. That is a lie of the devil. God can make you white as snow, if given the opportunity. Let the Token, the Holy Spirit, be displayed in your home. Let it be placed on your door frame for all to see. God sees the Token. Spread the Token by faith over your family; whether they are saved or not, spread it out over them.

No matter how bleak the circumstance may be for you, just get and apply the Token.

60-0911M - “As I Was With Moses, So I Will Be With Thee”

116 Look at Rahab. Rahab said, "Have mercy upon me. Spare me. I don't want to die with these unbelievers. I don't want to die as an animal. I want to die in the arms of Jehovah. I believe your God, because He's both God of Heaven and earth. He does visible things. He makes things real. I never seen Him do it, but I believe it, anyhow." See? She had never seen Joshua. She just heard of Joshua. She never seen God. She never seen any of the works of God. She just heard. Others had seen it, and she believed by hearing it. Now, said, "I want favor for me, and my father, my mother. They're both old and crippled up. I've got some brethren. I want to have faith for them." 

117  And the spy, the preacher, said, "Yes, he's coming this a way, and we're going to take the land. Now if you want to get them saved, get them in the house." Hallelujah! "If you believe it, go get them and get them in here, for we'll not be responsible if they're in the streets. But if you'll just get them in the house, we'll be responsible," Hallelujah, where that little red cord was to hang down the window. "We'll be responsible if you put them in the house." 

118 Oh, brethren, if there ever was a time we ought to get our loved ones in the House, is today, the Household of Faith. Get them in, for the time is coming when there's coming a shaking. Only, our fathers and mothers, and brothers and sisters, are only safe in the House, 'cause God's power is going to shake the country again. It is. And only the Household of Faith will be saved.

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