Matthew 24:42

Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

We must always be mindful of the coming change of our bodies. For nearly 2000 years the whole goal and purpose of Christians has been the Rapture of Christ’s Bride. It is only now that the time is right and the fruit is on the vine. It moves us to become even more mindful of the coming change, seeing that we live in such desperate times.

Are you living in Christ to your full potential while awaiting His coming? Many of us would say no. Sometimes it can be you giving it your best that is getting in God’s way. We always say, “I gave it my best”; but in reality,  Christ’s strength is made perfect through our weakness, not through our best efforts. Therefore, it is not the time for us to be getting in God’s way and trying to produce something. Even the best effort we can put forth will come short of the glory of God. God does the work, not us.

Jesus tells us simply, “Watch therefore.” Let the Lord do in your life what He sees fit. Just stay in the Word and His presence and you will become His idea of perfection for your body change. It is not time to be getting in God’s way, but time to be letting God have His way.

Just be on the lookout, be watching, and be alert for the change of our bodies.

61-0730M - “Gabriel’s Instruction to Daniel”      

82  So when he begin to read in the book and see that the time was drawing nigh to be fulfilled, he went to God in prayer to find out about it. What a time. What are we doing when nations are breaking, the sea a-roaring, man's heart failing for fear, perplexed of time, all these things, the handwriting on the wall, racial disintegration, all kinds of evil going on in the world, (if he could only see it now) and fusses and fights and stews, and weapons hanging in hangars, that one little nation by the size of Cuba down here can destroy the world in ten minutes? (that was during the Cold War) And them fussing with one another, ungodly men who knows not God and knows not His power... And the Holy Spirit in the Church, moving amongst the elected, showing Himself alive after two thousand years, that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, how can we set slothfully? How can we just run over the top of it? Time we were checking up, watching for that great hour approaching.

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