Romans 5:1 

Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ

So much of modern society today is artificial. In the U.S. alone, the cosmetic industry is over $56 billion, and increasing each year. That means that Americans spend a lot of money to make themselves look and appear better than they actually are. It is almost as if the world is trying to gain some sort of satisfaction and peace by artificial means.

Satan knows that you need to feel satisfaction and peace. If the world didn’t supply you with some way of venting the pressure you would eventually go crazy. The world offers artificial peace, but it doesn’t last. The world's peace is an illusion. A real Believer doesn’t need to suffice themselves with the artificial peace offered by the world.

Being justified by faith means we have peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of the blood of Christ - which we have access to by walking in the Light of the hour - we have the gift of peace between us and the Lord. It is real peace, because it isn’t made by human hands or human emotion. It is created by and given from God.

You can have this peace. It will settle your spirit in the roughest of storms. You can stand as though you never had sinned in the first place, and be justified by your faith. That alone will allow the peace of God to surround you.

Do you really have the peace of God? Are you living in His peace?

62-1007 - "The Key To The Door"

There's only one Door to peace. Yeah. "My peace I give unto you." He's only one Door to genuine peace. You might think you got peace. You might accumulate enough money to buy your home, you might accumulate enough money to get your children clothes, have food to eat, but you might have accumulated enough popularity to be popular amongst people. But when you slip off your shoes at night and get ready to lay down, there's only One Thing can give you peace. That is, if you know you were dying that night, there's only one Peace, and, that's, Jesus is the Peace. He is our Peace.

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