James 4:17
“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

Compromise is a strange concept. Sometimes we need it; after all, the best marriage counselors say, “Marriage is about compromise.” But when we talk about it in other contexts, it becomes synonymous with iniquity. The word compromise means to come to a mutual consent by two opposing opinions. We do this almost on a daily basis at work or in a marriage. Where the Word is concerned, there is no compromise in the Kingdom of God.

To know what is right and what must be done and then to turn away from it, or do it partially, is in James’ eyes, “sin”. It is iniquity to know what you should do and then not fully do it. In God’s eyes, this is compromising on what He told us to do. This is something that the devil will try to get us to do constantly, to reason it out in our minds and say, “Well I see that the Scripture is talking about a woman not cutting her hair in I Corinthians 11, but maybe if I trim the ends to keep from split ends, then I’ll be okay.” That is compromise on the Scripture, plain and simple.

The way that we fight compromise is to simply apply the Word in faith and trust that His way is better than our own. When we have faith, we are believing that God can do it; and when we trust in Him, we are committing it to Him and moving on. Moses wasn’t ashamed to say to Pharoah, “You have to let us go.” There was no compromise, no negotiating, it was simply God’s promise or bust.

Have faith in the Word, and trust that His way is better than yours. Don’t compromise.

65-0711 - “Ashamed”
Moses walked up before Pharaoh. He wasn’t ashamed to tell him that they would not compromise and take his so-many days out in the wilderness. He said, “Some of the women stay, by your children.” Said, “We’ll all go! Not even one hoof will be left behind, we’ll take our cattle and all.” He wasn’t ashamed. Why? He had come into the Light of deliverance. That’s the reason a man or a woman, sick or anything, once comes into the Presence of God, and knows that God has healed them, you’re stepping into the Light of deliverance. You don’t compromise on anything. Deliverance was in his heart, for he had met the God Who said, “I am the God of Abraham, Who give Abraham the promise. And the time, time of redemption, of deliverance, is at hand. I’m sending you down there to take them out.” What’s to apologize, about that?

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