John 19:30
“When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.”

It isn’t whether you hold on or not, it’s because He did hold on. Hallelujah!

So much of our lives are consumed with the ups-and-downs of life that we miss the very important factor that gives us rest in the midst of it all: He held on! It isn’t because we can clutch so tightly to our salvation that we can have rest in our ability to hold it until the end. The end has come because He gave Himself so that we could step into eternity. There is no end to us in Christ Jesus because He held on for us.

Because of this we can simply let go of all the depression, we can let go of all the worry, we can let go of all the anxiety, because the Lion hath prevailed. He isn’t a future tense; but He is past, present, and future, because He is eternal. We let go of all the things we think we have to hold on to and simply rest in the fact that He held on for us and it is a finished work through the blood of Jesus Christ. Through His resurrection we have the earnest of our inheritance, the Holy Spirit that lives in us.

The whole idea of Christianity is the concept of rest. So let go and let God have His wonderful way, and rest in the fact that it isn’t whether or not you hold on, it is the fact that He held on.

52-0718 - “For Him Will I Accept”
Now, if you’ve got a—a—a way that, you say, ups-and-downs, and ups-and-downs, I would advise you to go to God, and stay there until you’re really borned again. When trials, and troubles and heartaches, and disappointments set in, something holds, not you holding; something holding you. See? It isn’t a question whether I hold on or not. It’s a question whether He held on or not. It isn’t looking at me; it’s looking at Him. He was the One.

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