John 14:26
“But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”

There was something in Jacob that was unrelenting. A certain determination seemed to consume him all of his life. As a young man deceiving his older brother for the birthright, all the way to his marriage to Leah and then to Rachel, there was a pattern of resolve until he had what it was he wanted, he had a determination to get what he wanted. Just like Jacob, the Believer that is predestined for eternity with God has a certain deep calling within that is a determination to get to their goal.

The road is long and rough, but there is just something on the inside of the Believer that is longing for that city. They long for Christ and the Word and no demon out of torment can thwart that longing in their soul. This is the one thing that the devil cannot take from them, their desire. That desire, that longing, and that determination is inherently within them; and when the Holy Spirit strikes that seed laying inside, it brings the life of God out through their life. It is Christ bringing them unto Himself.

Even though the devil can never take that from them, there is still a battle to be fought. The character that they will have to reign with Christ is developed over the difficult time of life on this earth. It isn’t pretty and it isn’t perfect, but somehow they will get to Christ. There is no compromise, there is no relenting; there is only determination that they will be with Christ when this world fades away.

Let the storms rage and let the sea billows roll, because it is well with our souls. He that started a good work in us will finish it. It isn’t whether you hold on or not, it is that He did hold on.

60-0221 - “Hearing, Recognizing, Acting On The Word Of God”
Carnal! “Oh, I’ll go out then and join this church.” [Blank spot on tape—Ed.] “…you think about it.” That’s just exactly what the Scripture said they would do, and that’s just exactly what they done. And that’s what they will do, compromise! Someone said, “Billy, if you don’t stop that, you’ll run everybody away.” There’s one Thing that won’t go, the Holy Spirit, because It’s His Word. And the real predestinated believer won’t go away, because It’s Food to his soul. He loves It. Nothing can keep him away from It. He’ll do anything, like Jacob, but he wants that birthright. He’ll stand there. I don’t care if it costs every friend he’s got, if it costs his job, if it costs his church membership, if it costs everything. He’ll still hold to it, ’cause he can’t help it. There’s something in him, moving him, the deep calling to the Deep. Oh, there you are, something in him!

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