Isaiah 26:3

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Imagine a place where there is no toil, no struggles, no hardships, and no pressure. Everything is in perfect peace. Chances are, a secluded beach comes to mind; a mountain stream, or a special place that you like to go. We always seem to want to escape what we face in life and find peace at a location, or with someone, at a different job, or in a different lifestyle. The fact of the matter is, there is nowhere to have genuine, perfect peace on this earth.

Although you can’t find it on this earth, there is a place where you can find perfect peace. Perfect peace is found in the Word for your day, the Message of your hour, Christ. When God’s perfect peace comes into you, it does so during toils, struggles, hardships, and pressures. This peace is a gift from God, and surpasses your human ability to grasp, to help you in your tough times. It doesn’t bring you to a new place, but it helps you through where God has placed you. There is no way a human could produce this kind of peace for himself. It is God that gives it to us.

Bro. Branham said to the true Church, that in the midst of the gross darkness that shrouds the earth, because She is in the Word, “Shalom, to you”, the Bride of Christ, “peace unto you”. The Hebrew word “shalom”, meaning peace, completeness, soundness.

When you keep your mind stayed on the Message of the Hour, you are allowing the Holy Spirit to bring you higher and higher into His grace and mercy; allowing a new level of peace to surround you. Sometimes Believers have even more trouble than everyone else. Our enemy works overtime to attack us. But peace in the midst of the storm is available by staying in the Word.

When you keep your mind stayed on Him, He will keep you in perfect peace.


64-0119 - “Shalom”

223 All the New Testament speaks of this hour. Jesus Christ speaks of this hour. Who is it, then, some man? It's Jesus Christ, the Son of God, manifesting, reflecting the Light on the Word that He promised for this day. When man see you living like Him, when he sees your character and your conduct with the Word just exactly like He was, the Word being manifested, then man will see Jesus Christ. They won't have to look around anywhere else, say, "What does this creed teach, what does that creed teach?" They'll know what God is when they see you. Shalom, God's peace be Light upon you! And when God's Word is vindicated in this age, completely, and you see It and believe It, shalom to you!

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