Proverbs 3:5 

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

Modern society seems to be entirely focused on their own understanding of the things around them. Why wouldn’t it be that way? It makes perfect sense to use our own understanding, right? We use our own understanding and reasoning at work to figure out problems, to make our meals, and to drive our cars. What is so bad about modern society leaning to their own understanding?

Solomon is not telling us to be irrational beings, never thinking or using our intellect. We are to use our intellect, and seek Godly understanding and knowledge. This Scripture is separating between faith and intellect. Our understanding will never be able to fully comprehend God’s plan in our lives. Our perception of circumstances is as if we are viewing them “through a glass darkly”, as the Apostle Paul put it (1 Corinthians 13:12). When it comes to the Word of God, only faith should be in operation.

We will not be able to understand everything in Scripture, all at once, with our own intellect. We must rely upon the Lord to receive understanding, and revelation, of the Word; and we will receive this only through our faith.

Are you exercising your faith in the Lord, or are you operating on the basis of your understanding?

Through our faith in the Word, the Lord can open our understanding to the things around us. He will give you wisdom to navigate the circumstances of life. There is no one better to reveal their own thoughts about their writing than the author. But your faith must be in operation upon His Word.

Let us exercise our faith in Christ, and allow His intellect to open our understanding in His own way. Don’t lean on your own understanding. Trust the Lord, and exercise your faith in Him.

65-0801M - “The God Of This Evil Age”

God will set up His Own kind of civilization on earth, when He takes it over. This is Satan's world; he is god now of his worldly scientific knowledge. But God will set His Own kind of civilization up. It won't be a civilization like this. You just remember that. It won't be the kind of civilization we got today. No, no. It will be according to His Word and His purpose. For, the god of this present evil age will be destroyed, and his kingdom with him. 

This modern knowledge-loving age could have no better leader than the one they've got, Satan, a perverter of the Word of God, like he started off in the garden of Eden, but a religious person relying upon his own understanding. As I've said before, Proverbs 3:5, that, "We're not to lean to our own understanding." They must have a god, for they are human. Yet, he makes them what they want. As being a human being, always, all human beings… When we come here, we found the Indians even worshiping idols, and the sun, and everything. As a human being, they must have a god. So this great intellectual age must have a god, so it's become… The god of this world has become knowledge, denomination, science, "having a form of godliness, but denying the Power thereof."

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Deuteronomy 11-13