Philippians 1:6 

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

Matthew Henry writes about Philippians 1:6;

“Wherever this good work is begun, it is of God’s beginning: He has begun a good work in you. We could not begin it ourselves, for we are by nature dead in trespasses and sins: and what can dead men do towards raising themselves to life; or how can they begin to act till they are enlivened in the same respect in which they are said to be dead?”

God began a good work in you before the foundation of the world. If the Lord started this good work, then it isn’t in your power to bring it to completion. Only God sees the end result of this work of Grace.

Even though we see the world getting increasingly worse, and the enemy’s influences around us are getting stronger; we have a stronghold that will conquer any attack or foe. The world is heading toward destruction. But rest and trust in the fact that the Lord had a greater plan for you before the world began, and He is working to an expected end. His Bride will not see destruction, but will be with Him in Glory.

Let us live consecrated Christian lives unto the Lord, as we await the completion of that good work that the Lord started in our lives. Don’t ever forget there is a reason you are here, and there is a reason you were called to live in this day and age.

He will perform His good work in your life until the day of Jesus Christ is come. Meditate upon this glorious truth throughout your day.

62-0123 - “Forsaking All”

Someday there won't be one rock left upon another, of Phoenix. The valley will be swept clean. In the city tonight where adultery, cocktail drinking, cigarette-smoking mothers, daughters, dancing, twisting, carrying on, men living immorally, the sin of this city! O God, but I look down through it, and think, "What's the use of even trying?"

268 But then I look down through there and see a little Light here and there, a consecrated Christian, praying. "All they that sigh and cry for the abomination that's did in the midst of the city, the Angel was commissioned to put a Seal upon them, mark them, and they was the one who would not be destroyed." I pray, Father, there'll be many that'll be a consecrated Christian, spoken son, not afraid to call out at these people. God, in this day, let's speak the things that's right.

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