Psalm 16:8 

I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

Sometimes you can feel like the Lord is out of sight. You can feel like you are stumbling around in a dark room. David tells us here that he always put the Lord before him, so that he wouldn’t be easily swayed or moved. If you can just set the Lord before you in all that you do, you don’t have to feel like you are stumbling around in a dark room.

In the sermon “Influence”, preached in 1963, Bro. Branham explains that people allow things to go wrong around them, and in their own lives, because they simply lose consciousness of the Spirit of God around them. They forget to put the Lord before them, as David always strived to do.

Having a knowledge and awareness that the presence of the Lord is always watching, and is always there, can have a big effect on how we operate in our day to day actions. The Angels of God are always watching, and are always aware of where we are. As David said in Psalm 139:7, “...whither shall I flee from thy presence”. David had the revelation that the presence of God is always near, and is easily offended and grieved.

In your day to day actions, ask the Lord to make you more aware of His presence. The first step in doing this is what David did, in putting the Lord before him. You must put the Lord before you in all that you do. Put the Lord before you by placing His Word in your mind and heart. Let the Lord become your meditation throughout the day.

When we put the Lord before us, we will not be moved. Though the toughest of storms rage, we can be securely anchored in Christ if we only keep our minds stayed on Him.

63-0803e - "Influence"

82 And, remember, not only here, but when you’re walking down the street, wherever you are, you that profess to be believers and fear the Lord, remember, the Angels of God are moving with you wherever you are. They watch everything you do, every thought that goes through your mind, and They know all about you. Therefore, we must be conscious of that.

83 If we’re not conscious of it, then you act any way. So people mostly, today, too many people, are not conscious of the Presence of the Lord Jesus, that’s the reason (they) we have these things that we have going on now, that’s not right.

84 If we could only do like David said, “I put the Lord always before me.” Oh, I like that. “The Lord is always before me. Where He goes, I’ll follow. And I’m conscious that everywhere I’m going,” other words, David said, “that the Lord is going before me.”

85 “I will not leave thee nor forsake thee,” said Jesus. “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.” He cannot leave us. He promised not to.

86 That’s the very objective of these meetings. That’s the objective, my brethren, of holding my ministry out from the denominations, is to try to let the people see that Jesus Christ is still alive, and He’s here, to every believer, to every denomination that will believe Him…or the people in those denominations. “The Lord is before me,” David said, “and I shall not be moved.”

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