John 14:26
"But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”

Have you ever watched a little boy or girl learning how to put a coat on for the first time? They get the first arm in just fine, then they try to get the second arm in and go in circles, trying to find the sleeve in the jacket. It takes a few circles round and round until they eventually ask for help. Then all you have to do is just guide their hand into the sleeve and they put the coat on and go on their way.

This is exactly what the Holy Spirit does. The Scripture says that the Comforter, who is Christ, will come and indwell you and teach you all you need to know. The Word of God is His dwelling place, and that is the Believer’s provided place of worship. In Him you would know all that you have need to know and all the hardships would be made clear.

Sometimes you can feel like you are just going around in circles. You go round and round, trying to find the second sleeve. Why not just stop once in a while and lift your head to heaven and say, “Lord, would you help me please, guide me in this situation?” The Lord will come and guide your arm right into the sleeve.

He wants to be there for you and He wants to be involved in your decisions. Take a moment to refocus when you feel like you are going in circles. Christ will come just at the right time and make you whole.

55-0724 - “Enticing Spirits”   
Like a little baby. I notice when a little baby back there, his mother tried to put his little jacket on him this morning. He wanted to get his little arm in the sleeve. He couldn't put his arm in there. He don't know how. You've got to guide his little arm. He wants to get his arm in there but he's just beating all around it. He never gets to the sleeve. He knows he's not in the sleeve. And so do you know that you're not right with God when you're still backbiting, lying, and doing everything. You can't be right with God. I don't care how many churches you belong to, until your soul becomes converted. Brother, that's old fashion, but that'll boil down and put soup in your soul. That's right. Tried to put his arm in. He's got to have someone to direct him how to put his arm in. Then when he gets his arm in his little jacket he knows he's all right. That's the way it is with every born again Christian, when he really gets into God, he watches his life with God's Word and he realizes he's lined up with every bit of it.

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