Ephesians 4:13
“Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:”

Would you really want to worship in the same room with several different denominations? It’s a strange question for sure, because ‘separation’ is the most ubiquitous term amongst Message believers. Remember though, when Brother Branham stood before the many crowds he preached to, they were all different denominations. He spoke to Pentecostals, Oneness, Catholics, and Baptists. Have you ever thought about that? His goal was unity in the Faith, not arguing and fighting.

If you take a moment during a church service to look around at the people in your church, chances are there are a few former Baptists, Oneness, or Catholics. You don’t even realize that you are all from different backgrounds and have different histories, yet you are all worshiping together in the same room. You all heard the Message of the Hour and separated yourself from something contrary to God. Remember that it was the organizations that you separated from, not the people. If not for the grace of God you would still be over there too. You are just the same as them, but you set your sites on the freedom of the Word of God and not the theology of an organized religion, and that very Word of God has transformed you into a new creature in Christ.

We are unified in Spirit; there is neither “Greek nor Jew”, but we are all baptized into one Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to look down on those outside of our spheres of church. Maybe if the grace of God could work in us, it could spill over to them to show the light of the Message and the joy of seeing the hope we have in Him. As long as the devil can make us fight back and forth, we’ll never come together; but when the Spirit of Christ moves upon the individual and they catch the vision, then He brings us together from all different kinds of places.

Look around you in the next church service. How many more of us can dwell together in unity for which Brother Branham came? I say there are more. What a peculiar bunch we are indeed.

61-0425B - “The Godhead Explained”
I said, "Then what is the matter with you brethren. Why don't you accept that and break down these walls where these poor human beings are… The Oneness want to really… The—the congregations, they want to worship with the Assemblies, and the Assemblies congregation wants to worship with the Oneness, and brethren are that way. They are that way, but as long as the devil can make them fight…"  Now, you see what I mean, brethren? I'm driving towards that one thing: Jesus Christ and the uniting of the Body of Jesus Christ. That's what my purpose is.

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