John 17:17
“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.”

Hagiazó, in the Greek, means to be made holy and to consecrate, to separate oneself from or to set oneself aside for holiness. We know the term better as “sanctify”. We willfully turn aside from anything that would be unpleasing to the Lord or contrary to His Word and place ourselves in the blood of Jesus Christ when we sanctify ourselves. Justification is by faith, and because faith comes by the hearing of the Word, justification becomes a washing of the water by the Word. Sanctification, by the grace of God, is being cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Brother Branham preached, “Now, sanctification is a cleansing, cleaning up of the spirit, getting ready for the baptism of the Holy Spirit”, (1954, “Earnestly Contending For The Faith”). This is typified in the Old Testament when the Children of Israel were in the wilderness, the Lord told Moses to have the people sanctify themselves (Exodus 19:10). They were to consecrate and separate themselves and their homes from things that did not please the Lord, because His presence was going to come down among them. God was not demanding a works-based faith, rather He wanted a people to be so consecrated and separated from evil things that He could preeminently dwell among them in the holiness of His presence. This process of sanctification was to make way for His presence among the people.

Sanctification is the expression of our faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. This is necessary for bodies of flesh that can never be born again. In order for the soul to be sealed into Christ, we must sanctify ourselves by placing ourselves in the blood of Jesus Christ, so that the life of Christ can come back onto us. Remember life is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11); and when the blood of Jesus was shed on Calvary, when we accept that life back onto us, we can stand justified by our faith and sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ. Christ and his Word are the same thing. So the Life of Christ, in His Word, is what you are stepping into.

Have you separated yourself from the world? Have you been sanctified through the Truth? Think about what the cleansing power of Christ can do in your life.

64-0209 - “Countdown”
Then he got a man in England, by the name of John Wesley, under His control, to take out all the isms, away from him. And He was able, by John Wesley, to bring into the church sanctification. Sanctification raised the church to its feet and got it able to walk. Now at the end of Wesley's age was the automobile, we realize that when the… end of the Wesley church, I mean. Not… See, every—every reformer comes at the end of the age. Now we find out that Wesley, in last of his church age, it come in just before the Pentecostals. Why, we see that the church got strength enough, through sanctification, to walk away from the things of the world. Sanctify means "separate for the glory of God." It's too bad it lost that. But it got strength enough. Luther give it light, back in the horse-and-buggy day. Wesley got it on its feet, to walking; sanctification, separating from the things of the world.

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