Romans 11:29 

For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

Have you ever felt like you don’t have much to offer the Lord? Ever felt like you just don’t have much to contribute to the Kingdom of God? If you have felt that way, it is the enemy on your shoulder telling you a lie. Every person in the world, including you, has gifts and talents in something; God designed those in us for a specific purpose.

Whether you are a college student, a janitor, or a banker, you have something to offer the Kingdom of God. Gifts and callings are without repentance. Some can play the piano, some can witness in unique ways, and others can preach, but we all contribute something to the Lord.

Our goal should not be to compare ourselves, or our gifts and talents, with others, but to simply say, “Lord, whatever you designed me for, here I am, use me.” The Lord needs an empty vessel to work through. You might not be able to see what gift or talent He has placed in you, but rest assured He has something within you. When we are busy comparing ourselves to others or trying to do something in a way we think best, the Lord doesn’t have room to operate through us.

We will always possess the gifts and talents we have; however, we are given a choice as to whether we will use them for the Lord or not. In other words, God won’t take that gift or calling away from you if you don’t follow Him. The gifts and callings God gives to every one of us are there to bless or edify someone.

A true gift from God will be in line with the word and bless the Bride of Christ.

God doesn’t need your help in making it happen, He only needs your clean vessel. Sanctify yourself before the Lord so He can use you. Then in whatever way He uses you, be happy and assured that He has a purpose for your life.

Are you letting Him use you in the right way?

55-0224 - “Water”
Just simply, "By grace are you saved through faith." He will try to mystify it, and have all kinds of seeing lights, and hearing sounds, and everything, and all kind of mystifying things to get people to be saved. Maybe someone did see it, but that don't mean all has to see it. You just believe it. That's it is. And God has His program, and He will set you and place you in Christ, just where He thinks you'll work best for Him, if you'll just stay in your calling. 

94 Don't try to get somebody else's calling. Stay in your own calling. If you're a housewife, remain a housewife. Whatever God has called you to do, just remain there. He knows where to put His hand on you and use you.

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