II Peter 1:3 

“According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.”

God has given you everything that you need for a dynamic and fulfilling spiritual life. It was the divine power of God that bestowed this upon you - a gift from the Almighty. This happens through a personal, true, and experiential knowledge of Christ who has called you to glorify Him in virtue.

Bro. Branham said in the Stature of a Perfect Man in 1962, that if Jesus had virtue, and the Bride is the continuation of Christ, then we must also have the same virtue that He had. Having virtue means having strength and power. The Lord has called you to glory and this very same virtue. Therefore, you possess all things you need if you have His life inside of you.

There was once a little old lady that struggled with a blood issue for 12 years of her life. She had struggled with it so much that she spent every penny she had on doctors and cures, but nothing worked. Yet there was one thing she did that worked, and that was touching the hem of Jesus' garment by faith. When she reached her feeble hand through that crowd and got just a few fingers on the robe of Jesus, it was all that she needed for power, strength, and virtue to pass from God Almighty into her.

In order to give out virtue and strength like Jesus did to that woman, we first must have it, and that only comes from God who calls us into it. There is no degree or course in virtue that gives you a greater portion than someone else. It doesn’t come from you. It comes by laying in the presence of Almighty God, kneeling before Him, and surrendering yourself out so much that Christ can come in and show His virtue and power through you.

You have all the things you need, you were foreordained to have it. By the blood of Jesus Christ and by laying before Christ the living God, you can stand virtuous, having the same power and strength that He had. Stay before Him.

65-1204 - "The Rapture"

But, in the sight of God, the Bride is justified. She never done it, in the first place. Amen. Standing there, married to the virtuous Son of God; never sinned, in the first place. Why? She was foreordained. She was trapped into this. And now when She heard the Truth and come forth, the Blood cleansed Her. And She stands there, virtuous. See? She, no sin on Her, at all.