Ephesians 3:17

“That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith.”

The Greek word that is used here, to dwell, means to permanently take residence, to settle in, and to inhabit. It is the same word used in reference to the Lord pouring all His fullness and attributes into the Logos, Christ, in Colossians 1:19. It was part of God’s plan that He would first express Himself completely in Christ and then Christ in you. So you can be sure about one thing concerning His perfect will for your life: He wants to permanently take residence into your heart by your faith.

Your mind can sometimes be a swirl of mass confusion, which is never what God intended. God wants you to be still. Yet there are times when your mind is so busy with the things of life that your heart's cry is simply drowned out by the commotion and confusion of the circumstances at hand. The devil makes his stand in your mind to make you see things, sense things, and think about things in a certain way. But God chose to make His throne in your heart and take His residence there.

Despite what you see around you, how you feel, or how you think, something comes from deep within the very innermost part of your being that simply believes when there is no earthly reason to believe. That is Christ who has taken permanent residence in your heart by your faith in Him. It bubbles up from deep within your soul.

Is your heart's cry being drowned out by what you see, what you feel, or what you are experiencing? God makes His throne in your heart, but our adversary makes his throne in our minds. Thus, the greatest battle that ever was fought and ever will be fought ensues in our minds. Rest assured, however, that when Christ permanently resides deep within, you are anchored in a strong rock that cannot, and will not, be shaken.

Let His voice be heard in your heart.

61-0101 - "Revelation, Chapter Four #2"

233 Now, let me take this little thing that I got drawed here. We’re going to make…I wish I had a blackboard, that I could make it maybe more sensible for you. We’re going to take and draw the courts, only make it in a round ring, or like this, either one. Now we’re going to take…I believe, like this maybe would be the best, we’re going to take and make the courts.

234 Now, what is a man? He’s a triune being; body, soul, and spirit. How many knows that? Watch God’s approach. What is his heart? You remember my message, God Chose a Man’s Heart for His Control Tower? The Devil chose his head for his control tower; see, he makes him see things, look through his eyes. But in it…God in his heart makes him believe things that he cannot see. Did He? See, God is on his heart, in the heart of man is the Throne of God. You get it? Man! God made His Throne in the heart of man.