James 4:6

“But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

You could ask anyone who knew him and they would tell you that Brother Branham was an extremely humble man. A brother said about him in the service Experiences in 1947:

“In the ministry now will soon be thirty-four years. Of hundreds and hundreds of preachers of the different faiths and of our own faith, the Pentecostal faith, I have never yet met a man manifesting the humility from day to day that Brother Branham manifests. The weight of this is crushing the very life out of him. You don’t realize what it means to fight the power of darkness. All those powers of the enemy are turned loose against him. You, perhaps, only have a small portion against you.”

In this end-time age, the Lord sent a prophet who happened to be one of the most humble men that you could ever come across. It was the same with our Savior Jesus Christ. He was a humble carpenter with no place to lay His head and call His own home.

The King of Glory, the only sinless one, came to earth to show us firsthand the example of the genuine humility that it takes to serve God effectively. The prophet, bringing the same ministry as Christ with the same signs and wonders, was just a normal human being, mistake prone like any of us. The same Spirit was in them both to show that genuine humility could be lived in a perfect man and also in an imperfect man.

The Holy Spirit present in a person's life will bring the exact same genuine humility. James writes that God gives grace to those who humble themselves, and resists and cannot work with someone who has even the slightest bit of pride. Therefore, James teaches us to submit ourselves to God and resist the devil, and he will flee from us. Herein lies the key to humility. Genuine humility is not just living in a shack, having no material possessions, or walking everywhere you go. Humility is saying I must decrease so He can increase. Humility is submitting everything you have to God to use however He pleases.

That same humility must be present in the Bride through the power of the Holy Spirit.  So continue as James did by submitting yourself to God in humility, resisting the pride the devil will throw at you with everything he has, and then your very enemy will flee before you. The Lord gives grace to those who have the attitude, “I must decrease so that You can increase.”

55-0911 - "The Unwelcomed Christ"
205 Now I want to say something to you. Jesus took the lowest place, a flunky. Hallelujah! That proves, to me, He was God. He took the lowest place, to wash feet. Had all kinds of flunkies, but the lowest one was a foot washer, washing that manure, and everything off their feet. The lowest flunky there was. And Jesus took the lowest flunky. Then, you’re so stiff, you can’t do nothing for Him. But He took the lowest place for you. He was a foot washer. Think of it. The King of Glory became a foot washer, to show humility and to give you an example of what to do and how to do it.