Matthew 11:29-30

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Watchman Nee, the author of the book, The Normal Christian Life, wrote this about human emotions, “How dangerous a master human emotion is!” Later he explains, “A drowning man cannot be saved until he is utterly exhausted and ceases to make the slightest effort to save himself.” Human emotions can get the better of you sometimes. So many times we can be like a drowning person in deep water, flailing and splashing around with no hope of being saved. Only when we are totally spent can Someone come in and actually help us back to shallow water.

For a Christian, some days it feels like you’re resting on a bed of roses. Other days, it feels like you’re sailing through bloody seas. Rest assured that the Lord is not the author of confusion, and never intended for His people to be confused about His grace and mercy. Sometimes all you need to do is be still and know that He is God in order to be saved from the feeling of drowning in the waters of this life. The Christian life may be a hard life, but the yoke and burden of Christ is light.

In the Tabernacle in the wilderness, there were three sections: the outer court, the Holy place, then the Holiest of Holies. The Holiest of Holies was only entered into one time a year by the high priest during the Day of Atonement. It was a symbol of Christ. 

The place for the Believer is not in the outer court or inner court, but on the inside of the inside - the Holiest of Holies. Christ dwells therein and that is where we commune with Him. In there is His presence, His Shekinah glory. In there is the only place you can truly experience Christ and realize how light His burden and His yoke really is.

Though many times we can feel like we are drowning and our emotions and minds get the better of us, there is a better place to dwell. Come into the presence of God and let the Shekinah glory pour over you and bear you up.

His yoke is easy and His burden is light for His sons and daughters. The children of God can rest assured in the loving arms of the Father. Only in the presence of God can you live victorious.

56-0223 - "God's Covenant With Abraham And His Seed"
Come, where’s it’s a pleasure to live Christ. Come into the Shekinah Glory. Come into the inner courts; let the veils drop behind you like they did on Aaron the high priest. That’s the inward, hidden life. Then you’ll live victorious. Won’t you come by raising your hand, saying, “I pledge this to God.”