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Our Mission

It is the mission and goal of Our Daily Strength to magnify the Lord Jesus Christ, the strength of every Believer’s life. By bringing the Message of our day together with the Word in a format easily accessible by the user, we hope to provide uplifting and encouraging material to inspire the Believer’s daily walk with the Lord. ODS will be a supplement to the Believer’s daily devotion and study before the Lord, but should not replace it.

We seek to simply be a daily voice of encouragement in the lives of Believers to not be afraid, nor be discouraged, but to fight the good fight of faith and seek the strength of their lives, Jesus Christ.

William M. Branham

We believe Brother William Branham is the Prophet of Malachi 4:5-6, and Revelation 10:7.

Bro. Branham didn't want us to look on him as our absolute, but to Christ. What he would have wanted us to do was to do as the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 11:1, "Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ."

Christ working in Bro. Branham's life allowed a Message to travel across the globe that brought the Bride of Christ together. We can see the Message living in his own life which tells us that it was not a man trying to glorify himself; rather, it was a man pointing us to Christ. He knew that if we would do that in the right way it would transform us into new creatures in Christ Jesus.

As you read these devotionals and read the Message that Bro. Branham brought we encourage you to get in the Word for yourself. Christ can only bring you to maturity when you lay in the Presence of the Son.

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Meet the Team


Stephen Coffey


Steve is the founder and visionary for Our Daily Strength. He has the sole responsibility of writing the devotionals. He also provides strategic direction for every aspect of ODS.


Paul Coffey

Project Manager

As the project manager for Our Daily Strength, Paul manages the team, ensures deliverables are completed and that every detail is carried out.


Lukas Coffey

Creative Developer

Lukas is in charge of all development, website, and graphic design. He created the website from scratch and developed the design into what you see and enjoy today.


Josh Godwin

Reading Planner

Josh is in charge of the reading plans for Our Daily Strength. He took the time to format the Seven Seals series to allow Believers to read them at their own pace.


Hailey Johnson


As the proofreader for Our Daily Strength, Hailey corrects any grammatical errors and ensures consistency between every devotional.


Michael Belton

Graphic Designer

Michael is in charge of designing and developing the social media content. He thrives at creating content that is both edifying and visually stimulating.


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